Question about Tab/Enter Key Usage to move from slide to slide

I have created a timed quiz (with all the questions being "fill in the blank") and I want the student to be able to move from slide to slide (question to question) with minimal use of the mouse. The Enter key seems to be good for moving from slide to slide, however the mouse is required to click in the box to fill in the answer. I had a couple of people test this and the TAB key seems to work for a few of the slides but then it tends to get lost. Is there an alternative to having the mouse be the field activation tool?

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Peter Anderson

Hey Marta,

No problem When you submit a case to us, after filling out the initial fields, you'll be brought to a second screen where you have the option of recording a screencast of the issue(s) you're experiencing. If you'd like, you can use that option to replicate the issue you described as the field selector becoming "lost". 

Marta Merlino-Calvert

I am still having trouble uploading the screenr display. Is there something wrong with the system? I'd like to see if I can get this problem resolved as quickly as possible. Can someone help me out? I did the submit case and I recorded the screencast and pasted the private http:// address and then attached my .pptx file. I get the message that "we are having trouble posting your request.\nPlease try again in a bit."

So, I need alternatives here. Thanks.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Marta.

I am looking at a test quiz I did and I cannot duplicate an issue with the keyboard shortcuts not working provided that the quiz is the active window on your screen. Here's a link to my test:

As long as the presentation is the active window, the keyboard shortcuts work fine for me. You need to use Tab to select the Fill in the Blank. It should highlight that area and allow you to enter your information.

David Burton


OK Great! Let us know if the link is working for you as well. I was able to use this form with IE8 and without any issues. I did as you described and Recorded a Screenr and pasted the link in the description; still no error and the upload completed without issue. 

As a test try a different file to upload, preferably one from your local drive.

Marta Merlino-Calvert

When I hit tab it is selecting the question, but if I continue to hit tab it actually goes up to the navigation bar, the search box in IE, the tabs in the navigation panel, the question, the answers, the submit button and on and on. When I get to the 2nd screen that is fill in the blank, the tab button continues to navigate, and finally it will activate your fill in the blank field. But, in my quiz it must be getting out of bounds and never coming back to the test to activate the field because I tab and tab and tab and the field never activates.