Question about Tab/Enter Key Usage to move from slide to slide

I have created a timed quiz (with all the questions being "fill in the blank") and I want the student to be able to move from slide to slide (question to question) with minimal use of the mouse. The Enter key seems to be good for moving from slide to slide, however the mouse is required to click in the box to fill in the answer. I had a couple of people test this and the TAB key seems to work for a few of the slides but then it tends to get lost. Is there an alternative to having the mouse be the field activation tool?

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David Burton


OK, after testing this further I found this issue will happen with all browsers. Because the questions have a fade slide transition applied (by default), the input field will not register until this completes. If the Tab key is selected before the slide transition completes, focus will jump to the next available field which in this case is one of the browser controls.

The users need to be instructed to wait until the question loads in full or the question transition completes before selecting the Tab key.

I found if you remove the transition between questions, this speeds the question loading time and helpswith situations where users are clicking the Tab key before the slide/question loads.  Try removing the fade slide transition:

1. Edit the quiz in Quizmaker from the opened PowerPoint project.

2. Double-click the first question to edit and switch to Slide View.

3. From the Animations Tab, Select 'No Transition" from the Transitions Container, then select 'Apply to All'.

4. Save and  Close the Question.

5. Save and Return to Presenter.

6. Publish the presentation and test.

I hope this helps!

The above change should allow the questions to load faster and can help  with situations where users are clicking the Tab key before the slide/question loads.

Marta Merlino-Calvert

Ok, so I did try your suggestion. It didn't make a big difference. I did think the slides loaded faster but I still lost the cursor during the course and had to repeatedly hit TAB until it returned to activate the input field. I guess if this is a known issue and may not necessarily be an error I'll have to explain the situation on an introduction slide and hope that the student understands what to do. Since this is a timed test also, I'll increase the time a little bit to allow for the missing cursor and the several TABs that may be required.

Marta Merlino-Calvert

I seemed to have had some luck with a suggestion that Sid made to me. I uninstalled and reinstalled my Flash player. I had the current version installed but he suggested that I make sure the current version was running. It seems to have solved my issue. I need to check it out on other PCs and accounts. But, I'm taking this as an indication that we're closer to resolving this issue. Thanks.