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Christie Pollick

Hi, MT -- Thanks for reaching out with your question, and in this article on Customizing Text Attributes, the following is noted:

Rather than formatting text individually on each slide, use theme fonts to make your design work easier and faster. You can set up a default heading font and default body font so that all new slides inherit the same fonts. Another shortcut is to leverage master slides for some of your font formatting. For more guidance, see the following tutorials:

Hope that helps, but please let us know if you had something else in mind. :)

Michael Bennett

Hi Ashley, I believed I answered my own question where I can edit a slide master with fonts and sizes that I want for the heading and body, click the Themes dropdown and Save the current theme.

On a similar note, I just submitted a case regarding how do you get imported questions from another .quiz file to take on the font and sizes used by your already existing questions? Applying the current theme or theme fonts to the selected slide doesn't work and right-clickinhg the slide and selecting Layout doesn't work either.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Michael and I found your case number where you were working with Renato. In your case it seems that you were also importing question slide masters, and he shared:

 It's expected behavior that the slide masters are imported together with the Quizmaker slides. I'm afraid you need to utilize your workaround to go around the issue.  

And the workaround you shared was:

You can use attachment 2 to do these steps. 
1. Open the .quiz file for the questions you intend to import. 
2. Save a copy and close the original so as to protect the original. 
3. From the copy, view the Slide Masters and change all of them to Arial 14pt for headings, Arial 12pt for the body. 
4. Check some of the questions in Slide View to confirm that the font change worked. 
5. Save the .quiz file 
6. Import this altered .quiz file to the new .quiz file that already is using Arial 14pt for headings, Arial 12pt for the body. The imported questions should have the correct font and size.