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Erica Fredrick

Emily, I know this is not related to the original question but perhaps you can help. I attached a hyperlink to a "button" I created in my quiz. The hyperlink goes to a PDF document. I then decided to link a different document. I took out the first link and added the new link. But now, after publishing to CD, when I click on the "button" it actually opens up BOTH PDFs. Any idea why this may be occurring?



Philip Deer

This is an older post, so I am following up on the question numbers per page/slide to see if it is now a feature. Here are my specific questions.

1. Can Quizmaker have question numbers shown per slide/page if questions are NOT randomized?
2. Can Quizmaker have question numbers shown per slide/page if questions are randomized?
3. OR...is this still a manual process of adding page numbers that only works if you do not randomize questions?

Thanks in advance.


Annie Louden

I really want Quizmaker to show learners which question they are on. I can't believe this isn't a feature! Did some Googling today, and the feature existed in 2009 but was gone in 2013, and people were not happy, and it was never fixed.

So, here we are with 360, and still learners can't see how many questions they've answered and are yet to answer. Yes, I am doing a feature request!! 

Anyway, would really love an update on this. Honestly blows my mind that it's not already a feature, especially since it existed in 2009 and people have complained since 2013.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Sandra!

Thanks for checking in on this feature! We don't have a built-in feature to show the question number in Quizmaker 360. 

I found two resources that explain ways to build a progress interaction in Quizmaker! I'll share the links below.

Keep us updated with what you create!