Question Randomization with Conditional Feedback (Blank Slides)

We've decided to use conditional branching to blank slides.  We are going to provide a blank slide hyperlink for correct feedback and a blank slide for incorrect feedback for each question.  We turn off feedback and will only show the question and the feedback on these slides (no answer choices).  Our only concern about this approach is will we lose randomization of the question sequence?

For example, each question has 3 slides associated with it: 1a) question slide; 1b) correct feedback slide; 1c) incorrect feedback slide.  Clicking the next button on either feedback slide should navigate the learner to the next unanswered question in random order.



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Mike,

Unfortunately, if you're branching your learners to blank slides for your correct/incorrect feedback, this will interfere with your ability to randomize questions, since the blank slides are randomized right along with the question slides.

The only workaround I can think of would be this: if you can set up a single blank slide for each question's feedback (rather than a separate slide for correct & incorrect feedback), you could lock the feedback slide to the question above it. 

Check out the example below. In this quiz, I want to display 2 questions AND the feedback associated with each. So in the Include field, I chose 4 (2 questions + 2 feedback slides), and I locked the feedback to the question above it. The quiz file's attached so you can take a look & preview it if you want.