Question with multiple attempts - adding Finish to feedback

Jan 02, 2013


The default for multiple attempts questions is that you get on the feedback a button with "Try Again".
I saw there was an option to add next to it another button "Finish", but can't seem to find where this is defined.

Also searching the support did not provide the answer (probably missing the right keywords..).


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Efrat, 

Any time you allow multiple attempts on a specific question in Quizmaker, the popup will always say Try Again if the learner answered incorrectly and if they still have attempts remaining on that question. Unfortunately, there's currently no way to give the learner the choice of retrying a specific question or finishing the quiz. 

However, if you only have one question in your quiz, there is a way to get the popup to display both the "Try Again" and "Finish" buttons...and I think the sample you might be remembering is one where the course author did this:

  • Created a quiz with just a single question in it,  and set the Attempts to 1.
  • Turned off both result slides.
  • Added the quiz to a Presenter project and then set the quiz properties on the placeholder slide to allow unlimited attempts on the entire quiz.
  • Changed the quiz player template's text labels so that the "Retry Quiz" button says "Try Again" instead.

Here's a published sample of the example - it's 3 slides, and the quiz is the middle slide. And here's a link to the packaged source files if that helps.

This all works fine, of course, if you only have one question in your quiz. But it sounds like you had in mind to create a multi-question quiz with branching, yes? In that case, there really isn't a way to do what you have in mind, but it would make a really good feature request.

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