Questions in a Question Bank: How do I select only certain ones?

I have a bank of 100 questions in a Quiz. I only want to use 50. I have created groups of questions, and have assigned a number of questions per group using the randomize function.

But, there are some questions in groups that I do not want to include in the exam. I want to skip them, but I don't know how to 'turn off' that group.

How can I create an exam without having to delete those questions that I do not want to use in THIS exam, but might in the next?

Thanks for the help!

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Mark Roberts

I have seen that the questions in the testing group show 52 questions, so I have done what I planned to do to a degree. There are 2 questions showing up from groups that are in the exam, that I want "0" to be included, but I do not want to delete the questions from the 100 bank of questions.

How do I do this? Is there an "Ignore Group" feature somewhere? :o)

Thanks again.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark and welcome to Heroes!

There is not an "Ignore group" feature - although you're welcome to request one. 

I don't think that there is a way to stop from drawing any questions from a question bank included in your project. If you're going to be using the same set of questions consistently in different project, I'd suggest only importing in the questions banks you need into a new Storyline project and keeping the original with all of them as a master deck. 

Norma Miller

I have a related question. I want to include only 15 of my 18 questions in the final assessment. I have had no trouble doing this in the past, but in my current course it's not working.

Even though the "Include" field in the "Draw questions from bank" dialog shows 15, I still get all 18 questions. I have even tried deleting the Draw slide and re-creating it.

Any ideas?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Norma,

Without seeing your slide draw set up it's hard to know - but a few things I'd check, did you lock any questions together? Do you have the questions set to be included in the shuffle "always" or "randomly" - I'd choose the latter there. If you're still experiencing some odd behavior after checking in those items could you share your course here with us?