Questions mixed among course content?


I am working on trying to make our annual safety and compliance courses a little more interactive and interesting.  In previous years we have built these in Captivate because it allowed us to have the questions dispersed throughout the course and not just all of them at the end.  I have been playing with doing that in Presenter and Quizmaker.  I found that you can't really do it in Presenter, but with being able to add blank slides, I could pretty much build the entire course in Quizmaker and have have content slides and questions mixed together.

So now here is the challenge, you loose the ability to add Engage interactions into Quizmaker, unless I am missing something, as well as being able to use some of the movement you can add using power point for the non-question slides.  I know that ideally I would be able to purchase Storyline which seems to have all of these options in one tool, but right now can't.  So, I am trying to figure out some ways to add all of these elements together effectively into one course and still keep the questions mixed in with the content and not all lumped together at the end.

Hopefully this all makes sense and I am sure that there are others out there with the same type of content type challenge.  I would love to know what anyone has done or tried and I would love to hear any suggestions

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Melanie Sobie

Hi Karyn,

You can have questions interspersed throughout an Articulate Presenter course.  Here is a technique that you can use to de-quiz the look of your quiz. This is a nice way of having a knowledge checks appear periodically in diffferent secions of the course.

If you need to track quiz results however, depending on your LMS, you may only be able to track the score on the final quiz in the module.


Skip Hagan

The link that Melanie provided was just what I needed. I do, however, have two questions about the method from the video:

1. If the student gets one or more wrong, with the failed result turned off, how can I suggest that they go back and review the preceding material?

2. How do I offer them the option to go back to the first slide in that section?

Thanx for all the good info!