Quiz and Engage files get saved in C:/ Drive

Hi All,

This is a really basic question but I face this issue always. I have my quiz and engage files always in a project folder with all the project related files there. Many a times while opening the quiz/engage file from powerpoint and saving it saves the file at a different location (that is C:/ drive) any reason why this happens. 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Yusuf!

When you insert an Articulate Quizmaker quiz or Articulate Engage interaction into your Articulate Presenter course, a copy of the original *.quiz or *.intr file is stored within the course's *.ppta file. This means that if you ever lose the original quiz or interaction file, you'll still be able to edit and publish it in Presenter. Please review this article for more information.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Yusef!

Just wanted to pop in with some additional information that may assist:

When working on an Articulate Presenter '13 course in a collaborative environment with other developers, use this workflow to avoid file corruption, loss of resources, and other erratic behavior that can occur due to network latency.