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I could really use some help.  I have a course with two paths.  Each path has its own quiz.  This course is going into an LMS so I need to complete the course.  So I have a third quiz at the end for the student to register that they have completed the course (I am using a true or false quiz --hiding the false selection under a seal).  So when the student hits the finish button on either of the path quizzes, I want it to go to my third quiz to register the completion.  I am trying to send the quiz to a url instead of closing the window (in the Results setup screen).  The url I am submitting is ../quizmaker_415/quiz.swf.  Do I have the path correct because nothing is happening when I click the Finish button.  Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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David Anderson

Hi Lori!

Yes, this is easy to do in Quizmaker. First, you're right to set up the final question feedback to "Finish Quiz." But what you also need to do is close out of Quizmaker and open PowerPoint. On the slide where you have your last two path quizzes, click the Properties button on each of the quiz slides.

From there you can specify where the learner goes after they complete each quiz.

So, in your example, each of your path quiz slides will branch to your final slide with final quiz.

I hope that helps but please let us know if you still have questions.

David Anderson

Lori Johnson said:

  I have it set at close the window, could this be interfering with my request in options for the quizzes to go to the third quiz upon selection of the finish button?

Lori - that option won't affect what you're trying to do. The options to close window or go to a URL apply to quizzes opened in their own html window. You're opening quizzes in the course player so your Quiz Properties will determine where your slides go.