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Aug 15, 2012

I am working on a course in presenter/ quzmaker that has a pre test.  If the pre test is passed the user does not need to take the full course.  User's only get one shot at the pre test. The course is designed to take the user that passes the pre test to a slide after the final test.  The final test is for those that failed the pre test and must take the full 8 module course.    

When the pre test is passed at slide 14, the user is taken to slide 111 (ok it's a big course). But there is a Quiz Control message that says the user must take and complete the quiz at slide 110 to advance.   Is there a way to eliminate this quiz control message and still have users that failed the pre test be reguired to pass the fiinal test?  We've inserted a certificate at both locations, so we don't want to lose the user's abaility to print a certificate of completion in each test if they pass.  Thanks for any help!

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Chuck Elberti

It was set up in slide properties - apparently a defult as I did not make any modifications.  I did find a work around by skipping slide 111 and having Articulate take the user to slide 112.  It looks like the slide that directly followed the "final" quiz was creating the issue.

Allowing people to "test out" of a course with a pre test gets a little tricky when cours completion certificates are involved.

Learning something new everyday....

Cristina Milicescu


I have a question about the quizmaker. I noticed that I integrated 2 of them in my course and when the user wants to go back in the quiz, he arrives in the presenter, not in the slide before in quiz. Is there a quiz control that we can use in order to facilitate the user with the back and forward button?



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