Quiz creation with custom features

Jul 14, 2012


I need to create a quiz for a client, which needs to have the following features:

  • 4 Categories per quiz
  • Fixed number of mandatory questions, randomized from any category
  • 3 attempts per question
  • Time limit per question, and not overall quiz time

Data Capturing

  • Number of attempts
  • Score (Graded {Depending on the number of attempts} or binary)
  • Time taken (per question and overall)

Is it possible to have all these features in quizmaker or even storyline? Or is there any alternative that I can possibly look at? 

Awaiting your replies...



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Rohan  K

Hey Everybody

Just to further clarify Adhir's question, we are looking for some very specific features requested by our client to conduct an organization wide testing. We've been scouring the forums for the past few hours and have found answers to most of our questions. But unfortunately there are still some problems we are debating on how to solve.

I think this might be a good place to get some opinions from all the other elearning heroes

  • Issue #1: Storing the quiz data to a database (php/mysql vs. moodle)

We saw one particular post which explained how to store the data in a database. Couple it with user authentication before the quiz and we can also capture the user info in a session variable and send it to the DB.

While this seems like a quick and easy method, I am not sure if its just a hack-job or is actually a reliable option (cant have 400 ppl assemble for a quiz and not have the scores reported! *gasp*).  

So the question is, are we better off with a simple moodle installation and capturing the data using SCORM? Its just that we have 5 days to setup the entire solution, that also on a limited budget. So setting up and customizing an LMS might not be possible.

Also, I am assuming that the data captured by a php script would be the same as what would be stored in an LMS? Right? (http://www.articulate.com/support/kb_article.php?product=qm9&id=uz26lpzwc4y2 )

  • Issue #2: Scoring based on no. of attempts

Our client wants, that for every question there should be 3 attempts (which is easy). But the points awarded should reduce with every attempt. Now I know thats not possible, so we figured we can arrive at a final score for each question by simply dividing the points awarded by the no. of attempts. The problem is I dont think quizmaker reports the. no of attempts for each question....or does it?

  • Issue #3: Capturing the time taken per question

As per my understanding, the latency variable in the data captured by quizmaker will give the time taken for each question, is that correct? Its not the same thing as an individual time limit for each question (which is what the client had initially asked for), but considering we just want to use this metric as one of the parameters to calculate the final score for each question, the latency data should work, rt?

Would love to know if somebody has any ideas how to tackle the above problems? 

Our other option is to use iSpring Quizmaker,  and its a close tie. The only 2 things currently in its favour are:

  • Sending the results to the server is much easier with iSpring as it is an inbuilt option and it sends the result in an xml which can be easily parsed
  • iSpring reports the no. of attempts per question in the data sent to the server (I know it seems like a very small point, but surprisingly is a show stopper for us :(  )

Help us make articulate win this one by solving the above issues!



P.S. I am attaching an excel sheet with the features we need along with a comparison of articulate and iSpring for the features that we need...you know, incase somebody wants to weigh in

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