Quiz doesn´t show Pass/Fail Result Slide with firts question

I need help:( I´m using randomize option, because this is a quick review before the final quiz.

So, when the quiz shows the second question everything is ok, it show pass result slide or fail result slide.. But when it shows the first question, after show you the feedback slide it goes again to the question, it doesn´t show you the Pass/Fail result slide when you can Finish or Review the Quiz. Do you know how can I set the Pass/Fail result to booth questions?


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Marianela,

It looks like there is still some branching applied to your question slides and it is causing a conflict with the locking and randomization. Try this: go to the feedback area of each question slide, and click the More button for each feedback item, and change it to Default. (Do this for both the correct & incorrect feedback). I think then you should see the behavior you want. Hope that helps!