Quiz (embedded in Presenter) and emailing results

Mar 09, 2011


I've created a quiz using Quizmaker 09 that is a slide in a Presenter 09 presentation. I've been trying to use Brian's super helpful old post here( http://www.articulate.com/forums/articulate-quizmaker/8169-articulate-09-email-results-tutorial-php.html) but instead of using the quiz.js, I'm using the updated flashcommand.js from that post.

Has anyone gotten this to work with a quiz that's in a presentation? My permissions are right, and I just keep getting a blank page when I click "Email Results"  Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and any other options. Articulate Online is not currently an option so I'm really hoping to get this working somehow.



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Carrie Bishop

Hi Brian, 

Our server does support PHP and sendmail. I double checked with our server admin and he confirmed that our server uses SendMail pretty regularly, so that shouldn't cause a problem.  I looked at the backup.txt file and nothing is in it.  I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong, but I just can't pinpoint it.


Brian Batt

Hi Carrie,

I ran an HTTP Trace log and it's hitting the sendmail.php correctly.  However, there's something that is not setup on the server side correctly.  You might try increasing the permissions of the the sendmail file.  Also, your IT group should be able to look at the server logs while you're clicking on the Email Results button to diagnose the issue.  There might be something setup incorrectly in the php.ini that is causing the issue.

Carrie Bishop

Hi again Brian,

So we're stumped. We've checked the error logs, and we can't find any errors for php/apache/sendmail. We've double checked the permissions and also increased the file size for post max (256 MB) and the memory limit (128 MB) on the php.ini file. We've also tried it with permissions wide open on the folder and then back again to the permissions that you recommend. we're still just getting a blank page and no data in the backup.txt file.

But, strangely, when I uploaded all the files to my server space that's hosted by site5.com, it worked immediately. So we know it works! but, can you give us any suggestions for what to look for in particular? The error logs aren't showing anything strange.


Phil Lawson


Did you get this to work? I have spend hours following all the posts I can find on this as we really do need to email the results as you are doing.

I also cannot find the post as to where I am to place the flashcommand.js and don't see where to put the sendmail and backup when using an embedded quiz in presenter. 

Thanks for any thoughts.I know this is got to be simple but code is not me. I would gladly pay someone to do this if I knew someone that could.


Carrie Bishop

Hi Phil,

I never got it working on our server here at work, although I was able to get a simple quiz to work on my own server space through site5.com. I ended up creating my own quiz in html and embedding it in the presentation as a web object.

As far as I can tell, the flashcommand.js file goes in the player folder, and the sendmail and backup.text go in the main folder with the player.html file.

Hope you can get it working,

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