Quiz Ending before all Questions Complete


I had an SME doing some QA on quizzes I created today and he noticed that on my 21 question quiz, the quiz was abruptly ending and sending him to the Pass/Fail slide after completing anywhere from 3-12 questions.  I was also able to duplicate this issue after question 4 viewing the published version in IE8.  I am using Quizmaker 09.

I feel like it should be something obvious, but any ideas why this is happening?  I don't have a timer set on the quiz and have all 21 questions set to randomize. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Rita Apt

Hi Leslie, 

You helped me out with this issue and gave me a link to an article showing if I had certain criteria met:  blank slides, questions randomization, and some others, that this was a known issue and gave me the link showing how to resolve it.

I seem to have mistakenly deleted that email and am having the same issue on another quiz and need to reference that article again.  Any chance of you re-posting the link to that article?  I've searched online and can't find it either.

Thanks in advance!!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rita!

I re-sent the e-mail from within the case you submitted.

Here is the information as well:

You may find that a Quizmaker ’09 quiz ends unexpectedly (is cut short) or the result slide does not appear if all the following criteria are true:
    * A question group in the quiz is set to Randomize Group.
    * A question or blank slide in the randomized group is locked in position.
    * The same question or blank slide is also set to branch to a specific slide in the quiz.
Please review the following article for more information.