Quiz Formatting Problems...


My co-worker and i have been having problems with Quizmaker for quite some time and I haven't come here to post about them until today.

First, it's the lovely dreaded "random" issue. 

The first part is that the formatting of  multiple choice answers for a question - if it is a long answer, more than two lines, it will overlap the other answers.  In addition, the selection circle is not lined up with the appropriate answer.  The combination of these things can make reading the answers close to impossible, and selecting an answer difficult.

Added to this, is the quiz looks fine in any preview mode.  Up until it is published, it looks fine.  Once it's published, the above problem happens.

The second part of our issue is something I *think* I have resolved, but wish it could work the way it is intended.  I have "randomize" selected so that each time the quiz is pulled up, the questions are in a random order.  This works fine when creating and previewing the quiz.  Once published - and specifically in LMS/SCORM format, but also occasionally on CD format - the questions are randomized AND the answers are randomized, meaning the answers to question A show up for Question C, while the answers for Question D show up for Question A and so forth.  I have had to take "randomize" off of all quizzes in order to get this to not happen.  But I really would like to have that randomization work.

Any help you can provide on these issues would be received most gratefully.    :)

Thank you,


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Kelly Baldwin

Peter Anderson said:

Hi Kelly!

For the first issue, see if this video will give you an idea for something that might be helpful:

As for the second issue, have you tried turning off the randomization of answers under Quiz Properties -> Question Defaults -> deselect Shuffle answers?

I'll have to look at the Screenr at home as I cannot access videos at my work -f irewall blocks.

As for the 2nd issue, yes, that's how I got the problem to stop - be deselecting that shuffle/randomization options.  But I'd like the option to actually WORK so I can shuffle answers within shuffling questions and not end up with answers to wrong questions.  Is there a solution to that? 

Thanks so much, I'll be back after I get a chance to watch your Screenr.

Kelly Baldwin

Oh, so sorry... I can't believe I couldn't get back to this until today.  I'm sending you the quiz file now.  Thanks for looking at it!

Can you send me the link to the Screenr so I can email it to myself at home so I can watch it there? I'm unable to access any Screenr (or other videos) from my work due to our firewall.  Thanks!