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Jan 25, 2016



I have several courses that have been built in in Presenter 13 (update 7) SCORM 1.2 with HTML 5 for use on the SumTotal LMS. These courses are being played in the SumTotal mobile player on an iPad with IOS 9.1. The presentations have quizzes built in to them that were made in quizmaker using multplie choice questions. At very random intervals any quiz question is liable to lock up the presentation. This can not be traced relaibly and at times the issue seems to dissapear. When the issue occurs, the presentation cannot continue and none of the multiple choice slections can be clicked on. The only way to complete the presentaion when this happens is by closing and re-downloading the presentaiton in hopes tht it does not happen the next time. I have attempted all of the coursweare on the SCORM cloud as well as the articulate mobile player and in internet explorer with no issues. The issues only seem to exist when played on the SumTotal Mobile player. Basically, I am looking for some insight or potential answers/workarounds to the issue as the courses cannot be relied upon due to the sporatic nature of the issue. Any comments or input is appreciated. I have added a screenshot and the publishing specifics.






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Christie Pollick

Hi, Andrew -- So sorry to hear of your troubles, and thank you for sharing that you have tested your course in the SCORM Cloud as well and are not experiencing any difficulties there!

Typically, when that is the case, we recommend that you reach out to your LMS provider directly for additional assistance. Have you had an opportunity to contact SumTotal? You may also want to take a look at this info on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

Andrew Antonczak


Yes I have contacted SumTotal and they have claimed that this is an Articulate issue. SCORM cloud tested without issues and this leads me to believe it is a LMS mobile player issue. It is very hard to troubleshoot when Articulate as well as SumTotal are both blaming eachother for the problems. Sadly, i have many many hours of courseware that is already developed and connot go live with content until these realibility issues are fixed. Any further ideas?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Andrew -- Thank you for your response, and we are happy to take a closer look at your situation to see if there is any additional information or ideas we can provide. I feel it would be beneficial for our Support Engineers to investigate further, so I am going to create and submit a ticket on your behalf momentarily. I will be sure to monitor the progress being made on your case, and will share update here in the thread for others who may be having a similar experience and could benefit, as well. 

You will be contacted by a member of Support shortly. Your patience is appreciated! 

Michaela Cheetham


We seem to be experiencing the same thing - although we are running it through Articulate Online rather than an external LMS.  We've received several comments similar to the one below:

When taking the quiz , it freezes after Q11 after I answer the question, submit it and get a "that's correct" response. I have tried to log out entirely and not resume when I go back in but the same thing happens again and I'm not able to complete the module,have only done 84%, but I can get to the next part  in the actual presentation, just not in the quiz.

Is there something we need to be doing differently?  Or is there a specific piece of advice to give to our students, other than the minimum specifications, that can help to rectify the issue for them?



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