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Jun 04, 2015

I have created a series of freeform drag and drop activities using Quizmaker. I currently  have the activity set so that the answers will only lock into place when it is correct. Otherwise, it returns to the top of the screen so that they can try again. This is essentially feedback in itself. The learner will try again until their answer locks. Because of this, I have turned off the feedback. I was wonder if there was any way to remove the "Submit" button and have the slide automatically advance when the answer reaches the appropriate target? It seem redundant to have the learner submit each answer when they will already know it is right. If not, is it possible to change it to a "Next" button instead?

My other option is to create a single question and have the answers appear one and a time. I had originally done it this way, but the previous answers were still moveable after they reached the correct target. Is there any way to lock them in place once correct so that there is only one moveable item on the screen at a time?

I sure hope that made some sense. Thanks in advance!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Erika!

There is not a way to auto-submit the answers, but you could choose to utilize Submit all, instead of one at a time. This would enable a next button on your slides and allow the user to go back through slides if needed to modify answers and then submit all of them at once when completed.

If that solution will not work, you also have the ability to change the text on the submit button for your course to something that makes more sense for your use.

To change these, click on Player > Text Labels

I'm not sure I'm following what the latter part of your question is, but hopefully the tips I've shared here will assist you :)

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