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I have a series of courses that have self assessments. Many of the self assessment questions are open ended, requiring the learner to define terms or explain a principle. I built the self assessments with survey questions. At the end of the assessment I gave the learner the opportunity to print their results. So, my question is; is their a way to populate the correct answer field in the print results? I must be missing the obvious, the field is there but for the life of me I can't figure out how to go about adding the correct answer. Thanks for your attention.

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Deb Stoetzel

Hi Peter,

I have allowed the user to review the quiz.

I have attached a screen cap of the final screen and one of the printed results.

The column I want to populate with the acceptable answer is  the "Correct Answer" field.

If it helps, here is a link to a course on my dev server:

Peter Anderson

Hi Deb,

I believe the issue is that your quiz is a survey, or in other words, not graded. Since there is no "right" or "wrong" answer, there can be no "Correct Answer" in the Print Results. You would have to change your questions to be Graded Questions to populate the Correct Answer fields on the printed results.