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Dave Newgass

Hmmmm.... this just made me think a bit.

I have an image for the master slide that I want to go vertically on the right side of the slide that will take up about 1/4 of the page.  I would like the background to be black.  Is there a tutorial on how to do something like this?  I just tried to add an image to the masterslide but could not seem to get the colour on the background right nor the image to position in the proper place.  Basically, I want to use a Powerpoint template I have and re-create or use it.

What are your thoughts?

Many thanks!,


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Dave! Here's a walk-through of how to create a slide master in Quizmaker: https://player.vimeo.com/video/145578261

Regarding the image you want to use - since PowerPoint and Quizmaker have different slide dimensions, your image will probably need resizing in order to make it fit nicely in Quizmaker. Another option though, if your quiz is part of a Presenter project, is to use your PowerPoint slide master behind your quiz, and then just make your quiz player transparent. Here's a tutorial that shows how to do that.

You also asked about turning the slide master black... you can do that by opening the slide master in Quizmaker and then right-click in the gray area surrounding the slide, choose Format Background > Solid Fill, and then choose your color. You'll of course want to also change your textboxes or text placeholders to white or some other light color.

Does that help? If you want, you could post a screenshot or two of what you're trying to accomplish & we can keep noodling it with you.