Quiz : minimum score to reach before going further

Hello, I created a quiz and put it in a presentation.

How can I oblige a participant to obtain the minimum score to be able to leave the quiz?  The minimum score is for example 2 good answers on 3 questions.

That would like to say that the participant could pass the quiz several times before getting the minimum score and to be authorized to leave.  Does Quizmaker allow that kind of operation ?

Thank you in advance. 



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Brian Batt

Hi Etienne,

Yes, you can accomplish this by setting the Properties of the quiz.  Here's how:

1.  Go to the slide that contains your quiz

2.  Click on the Properties button

3.  In the "Allow user to leave quiz" option, choose "After user has completed quiz"

4.  In the "User may view slides are quiz" option, choose "After passing quiz"

5.  Click the Close button to save the changes

Please let me know if you have any issues.

Etienne du Jardin


Just one more question ...

Would he be possible to indicate to the participant the final score he reached ?

I mean : you got 2 good answers on the 3 questions, you got 1 good answer on the 3 questions, you got 100 % good answers ...

Tanks again.

I wish you a nice weekend.


Brian Batt

Hi Etienne,

You can customize the results slide of the quiz.  However, it's not currently possible to display the number of questions that the user got right or wrong.  For more information on how you can customize the results slide, see the link below:


Kayla Burtch

If it's 2/3 they require right, just set the "pass" % to 66% and getting 2/3 will have them pass (where anything less will have them fail)

If it's out of any other number, just divide 100 by the number of questions then times by the number you want them to get right. Round down to the nearest whole number and that will do the trick.

On the results slide you can place what percentage they got, as a defualt.

If you really want them to know how many questions they got right, you could place a little chart like:

33% - 1 correct
66% - 2 correct
100% - 3 correct

On the slide.

Hope that helps.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rachel! You did not mention what you are trying to accomplish and the directions in this thread are for Quizmaker, not Storyline, so that may be why it's confusing.  Here is a link to some common Storyline quiz questions to get you started and if you need further assistance, you may want to pose your question in the Storyline forum.