Quiz not loading into Powerpoint

Sep 01, 2015

Hello I have searched the blogs looking for a solution to my problem. When I attempt to load my Quizmaker '13 quiz into the PowerPoint '07 it begins to load, then the PowerPoint fades to white, the quiz disappears, then PowerPoint performs a recovery of the of the slides and the quiz never loads. I have recreated the PPT and recreated the quiz. I have shortened all the names. I can load a quiz in other courses with no problem. The preview of the quiz and publishing of the quiz is fine. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen,

So it's only this one quiz and powerpoint file? You mentioned previewing it and publishing it is fine, so I'm not sure I'm clear on how it's behaving correctly after what sounds like it's crashing? Did you look to confirm that you're working on project files as described here? You mentioned you're using PPT 07, is it SP3 or later per the system requirements?  

You may also want to look at going through the repair if it's continuing to crash. 

Helen Bauserman

Since my last message to you we have been testing with my system. It has affected all courses that I am currently developing.

My PPT is 07 SP3 or later. My Articulate is version 2013. I store my work files on C drive under Projects. The length of the file names are not an issue.

We have reinstalled Office 2007 and Articulate Studio 2013 twice.

Apparently, when I attempt to add an existing quiz file (from the same folder as the PPT) Presenter is unable to access the quiz, it requests that I locate the quiz. When I identify the quiz, the PPT will crash and recover the file without the quiz. It seems that Presenter can't seem to locate the correct paths. I can Create a New quiz with no problem. So when I have created a quiz in Quizmaker, I am unable to Add Existing quiz. Any other ideas?