Quiz/PPT files from 2017 - Can I still work with them?

I'm unsure where to put this question, and I apologize if this is the wrong forum!

I'm looking at an old Articulate file package from 2017. It consists of a .PPT and multiple QUIZ files, see attachment. I didn't author these files or understand what, precisely, they are...I came into the e-learning world recently and have only used StoryLine 360. Can I still author with just a .PPT and "QUIZ" file? I don't know what they are! 

Typically, if I ran into an older file like this, I'd import the PPT to StoryLine and manually re-create the Quizzes in that file -- however I'm in a pinch for time, and this particular training has 18 language renditions. So, I'm simply looking to make edits needed to the OLD files and republish is possible. If anyone can tell me whether or not this is a possibility...it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!

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Becca Levan

Hello Emily!

Gosh, no need for apologies; happy you reached out! 😊

I want to connect you to one of our support engineers to best answer this and provide insight. I've opened a case on your behalf, so you should receive an email with a private upload link to share any additional screenshots or files if possible.

Hold tight, and one of my teammates will reach out with a next step!