Quiz question marked incorrect before users get to choose answer

Over the last couple of years, we've had users in numerous Articulate Presenter presentations get to a quiz question, and before even selecting an answer they see "Incorrect" marked on the bottom of the slide (I believe in a red bar that runs across the bottom. They cannot then answer the question, so can't move forward due to the restrictions we've set. This doesn't happen to every user, but we cannot figure out the similarities among the users who have this problem.


It happened to at least one user on multiple devices. There is nothing special about the quiz question (no audio, video or images - just multiple choice or true/false in text).


Has anyone else had this problem and what have you done or changed in your publishing in order for it to not happen?


Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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Amy Doherty

Thanks Kayla. I did send it to your staff two years ago, but they said they couldn't replicate it and said it was a problem with our LMS. Our tech person wasn't in agreement that it was the fault of our LMS because it happened just playing the HTML file in a browser. He found a link between HTML5 and "resume where you left off." (I'm not a tech expert, so have no understanding of that link.)

My solution at the time - which I forgot until I reached out to this former employee - was to never allow people to resume where they left off, and I think it solved it. It's inconvenient to not allow them to do that, but better than the alternative.

I was just wondering if anyone has found a better work-around.