Quiz Questions in Powerpoint or Powerpoint slides in blank slides?

Hello. This is my first time using Articulate. I have read some of the previous posts and tutorials on adding blank slides in Quizmaker to add content slides in between quiz questions. I am preparing a self-learning module. I already have the Powerpoint slides ready with videos and hyperlinks. I want to have the quiz questions integrated in between the powerpoint slides. Should I redo all the powerpoint slides with their links and videos on blank slides in between the quiz questions in Quizmaker? Or is there an easier way to copy the powerpoint content slides and paste them on blank slides in quizmaker? Or is there a simpler way to make the quiz questions seperate as individual slides in Powerpoint and still have them all as one quiz with one score result? Any help is appreciated! - Maha

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Phil Mayor

I would only do this if you need to track all of the question otherwise, use ppt and intersperse with quizmaker questions.

If you needto track all of the questions then using blank slides is the best way, there is no easy way to import into quizmaker and as the slide dimensions are different it would reqiure you to edit each individual slide anyway

I would just recreate everything in quizmaker, or question if you need to track every question