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Oct 03, 2013


I'm working on a project right now that has a standard 10 question quiz at the end.  The user will need 8/10 correct to pass.  The SME wants the user to have two chances to take the quiz.  If they fail after two tries, we would like to have the SME receive an email, so that he can determine where the user is getting tripped up (he doesn't need to receive the actual results, if that's not possible, but would just like to know, so he can help them).  I see that after failing a second time, the button for retaking the quiz disappears, but I'm wondering if it's possible to add in another slide that explains what will happen.  It just seems inconclusive to have the same "you did not pass" results screen appear.  Would adding a slide to the actual course and branching to it work?  I suppose I'm looking for suggestions from people that have done this in the past.  I'm just not sure what makes the most sense and this is the first time I'm creating a course that will allow multiple attempts at the quiz.

Thank you!

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Laura M

Hi Daniel,

I just don't want that button to be an option until they've attempted twice.  There is one more review slide in the course after the quiz exits (the quiz in embedded in a slide), so I don't want them to exit after they are done with the quiz. I feel like what I'm looking for is the option for an additional results screen:

1. passing the quiz

2. failing the first time

3. failing the second time

If you pass the second time, you go to the "passing the quiz" screen.

I'm probably over-thinking it...

Thank you for the suggestion!

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