Quiz Review Layers

Can anyone help me?

Background: This is a localization.

In a quiz page, there is a pull down choice.

Translated pull downmenu is in a front layer.

The original English text is in back layer.

To hide the English text, the format of translated pull down menuis in "fill in Color".

When forwarding to the quiz review, the following issues are shown:

1)The correct answers are hidden by the translated pull down menu.

-> Where can Iset the quiz review layer?

2) Some ofoptionaltext (Japanese=double byte)are not shown properly.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Satoko!

I seemed to have missed this reply, sorry about that. Were you able to get this sorted?

I took a look and I can see the behavior that you are describing, but it looks as if you only had the boxes covering the words in the first slide, and did not actually have the fill done as you did in the second slide and that's why you could 'see' the English words on quiz review.

I cannot speak to what is correct in the Japanese font, but we always recommend utilizing a Unicode font