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Jun 12, 2018

Hello all,

My colleagues have quite a number of written quizzes which we want to convert into several e-learning tests. Ideally I'd like to create a template with branding and question slides which can be filled in by the team in Powerpoint and then imported into Storyline / Quizmaker to publish.

I see that questions can be imported from a spreadsheet or a text file, and  Quizmaker questions can be imported to Powerpoint - but is there a way that I can create a quiz slide that users without Articulate can still edit and subsequently import into Quizmaker?

Without having to input the quiz data myself, essentially.

Much appreciated!

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Nick.  It sounds like you have a lot of written quiz content already that you want to convert into slides, including some formatting.

  • You're absolutely right that you can import spreadsheets and text files with questions into both Quizmaker and Storyline, and you can import Quizmaker and PowerPoint content into Storyline.  
  • Quiz slides have different rules than regular content slides, so without access to Quizmaker, there isn't a way to design a "quiz slide" in PowerPoint.

So the challenge for you is how to get most of the work of converting the written quiz to e-learning content out of the way without individually formatting dozens of slides. 

Here's what I would do.  Have your colleagues convert your written questions into a spreadsheet to import into Quizmaker.  In Quizmaker, you can format your own slide master with a question layout to apply to all of your question slides.  You can choose fonts, colors and background designs for all of your question slides just once.

Once you import your spreadsheet of questions, you'll want to make sure those slides use the layout you created.  You can CTRL+click each of your question slides, right-click, and choose to Apply layout.

Open to other community suggestions as well!

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