Quiz title on print results

I am using Quizmaker '13.  I need the title of the quiz to print on the printed results page.  I found a discussion with directions on changing the html code for '09.  I tried this in '13 and still cannot get the title to print.  What needs to be changed in '13 to get the title to print?  The course has a Federal certification requirement to print the quiz results.  The requirements for the printed document include the quiz title.  I have attached the changed html.  Please help.    Thanks.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Becky,

From what I'm seeing here:

Articulate Support - Quizmaker '13 - Printed Results Don't Include the Quiz Title

It looks like this is by design. However, it sounds like this should still be possible by modifying the HTML file. I haven't found any recent discussions, or threads on Quizmaker '13 for this so far. 

Hopefully other community members that have had luck with modifying this will be able to chime in with some suggestions that will help you out :)