Quiz when there is no pass or fail but 3 sets of results options

Hi there. I am trying to created a graded quiz where each question's answer is worth different points. At the end of the quiz, there are 3 possible "results" based on the number of total points earned (as opposed to a Pass vs Fail). This is sort of like a quiz you see in a magazine - you add up your points and it tells you how ready you are for X and we have 3 levels of readiness.

I understand how to set up the score by answer & assign points to each answer choice (using http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/assigning-point-values-to-graded-questions.aspx), but I don't understand how I end up with 3 results options.  Can someone please explain?




ps. Mulling further... I see how to turn on/off pass/fail... is there a way to set up branching to a blank slide based on score - so I could set up 3 slides with my different responses?

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