Quizes Responsind Differently within Presentation

We have an Articulate presentation that has 5 quizes.  Each is set to show feedback on each question.  All have identical settings.

All work fine when tested as stand alone.

When we post the module to our Saba LMS, we find that quizes 4 and 5 (one question per qiz) do not allow the user to reanswer the question.  In each case, if you answer the question and then navigate back to the quiz, it will show the feedback you received the first time you answered the quiz.

These quizes are not graded.  The module does include a graded assessment at the end.  The assessment seems to work fine.

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Justin Wilcox

You can address this one of two ways:

  1. Disable the resume in your quiz's player template. Under Navigation -> Resume, uncheck Prompt to resume on quiz restart.
  2. Allow the user to take the quiz more than once. You can set this properties of your quiz under User may attempt quiz to more than once and leave the prompt to resume enabled. That will create a Retry Quiz button the user can click to retake the quiz.