Quizmake 13 - Opt in and Social Sharing - Examples

Hi there,

Looking into Buying Quizmaker 13 but we cant yet work out if it will allow us to let our visitors complete the quiz and then opt in for their results and share it. 

Has anyone seen any examples of this.  We are wanting to use it on our website for a lead generation Quiz and having our visitors enter their email at the end is a important step as is the social sharing.   Any suggestions or examples would be really helpful.  thanks and happy creating

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Prathap! I've not seen anyone ask about an opt-in before and I'm not sure what could automate that for you, but you could set this up as one of your optional questions with all of the details and the user could input the information. That way you will get it.

As far as the social media, I invite you to check out this similar thread.

Hopefully some community members with ideas and experience will chime in to assist as well.