Quizmaker 09 and Windows 8 beta?

Jul 21, 2012

I would be interested in hearing from anyone testing the Windows 8 beta OS and has worked with it and the QM 09 product(s). I realize the truth will really not be know for sure until it is finally release later this year but would be interested in your experience with it so far.


First, let me say that I have used Articulate products for years and find them to work very well and support has always been very good as well - good professional company with great products.

Now some other concerns:

Previous to the great success of Apple in the past few years, they had about 3 to 5 percent of the home and business computer business. When this was the case, I really wasn't so concerned about the fact that I was missing out on 5% of computer users/students who couldn't see my tests due to the fact that Apple products don't (and in my thinking never will) support Flash.  Now, Apple's market share has risen to 23-25 percent of US households and business and some believe it will quite possible to continue to gain market shares at a pretty significant rate - now that number does really concern me - that cuts out a lot of people. It's very disapointing to hear from so many of my students tell me the tests don'e work on their iPads, Macs and can't use them to study from.

Any of you Articulate users also concerned about this and if so any ideas what you will do in the future if Apple and other none Flash supported devices continues to grow?

This is just a thought provoking post that I thing deserves some discussion.

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