Quizmaker 09 - Creating a complete reports - Moodle 2.3

I am new to Moodle and also to reporting, so I thought I'd ask to see if there are any gurus here that can share some info with me.

We have quizzes ending each session of a course and also a survey at the end of each course.  All this has been created in Quizmaker. We just started using Storyline to create our courses, but not sure if this will make any difference as we'll be publishing SCORM 1.2 anyway.

I'm assuming that many people using quizmaker and moodle, would have had the same requirement.  To create good readable reports with the information collected.

Can anyone share some information on how you approach this?

  • Is there anything specific that has to be done in Quizmaker when publishing SCORM for moodle (other than seelcting SCORM 1.2 and track by quiz)
  • Is there an easy way to create good reports from moodle 2.3, or maybe there is a plugin you might use to do this?

For example:

  • Teachers want to be able to see a report that shows what are the questions students often get wrong, so they can see if they can explain the subject in a different way.
  • They also want to be able to produce a survey report with all the questions and answers. 

Has anyone come up with a request like this before?  Can anyone give me a hint on how to approach this?

I know for example that SCORM 1.2 (only version supported by Moodle) can only pass Question_#number_#attempt to report and not the actual question. 

How did you solve this?  Is there any automatic way of exporting all the questions to moodle so a complete report including this text can be generated?

Can anyone share a sample of a report they generated?

I know my question has a lot to do with Moodle and I'm already putting this same question in their forums, but I thought maybe some quizmaker users could share some of their experience on this subject too.

Thanks so much!

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