Quizmaker 09 issue(?) - Questions Not Displaying

Feb 18, 2013

Good afternoon, all!

I've had an interesting issue pop up with a recent quiz. This is a 30-question quiz and the only super-fancy thing it does is randomize. I've had a user report that when they launch the quiz, they can see the outer border of the quiz and the other information contained in the border (e.g. - title, score so far, score for this question) but the question itself does not display.

Could this be a Flash player issue or possibly a really, really slow Internet connection? I'm not sure which way to go since I can't duplicate it here.

Scott Lindsey

Sr. Instructional Designer


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Scott!

Hmm. Sounds like it could be. Are you able to find out what version of Flash they're using? Or which browser? If they haven't already, they may want to try using a different browser and see if it's the same.

If they've taken the course previously and this is happening, they may also benefit from clearing their browser cache. 

If it were a slow connection (really really slow), I would think that the question would load eventually. If it never does, it's probably an issue with the browser, Flash version, etc.

Scott Lindsey

Thanks, Christine!

Our customers are mostly locked down on the software (e.g. - browser, Flash player version) they can use. Any updates have to be pushed out to them. It's possible that it's a caching issue. If it didn't load initially for whatever reason, the issue could be repeating itself. No one else so far has reported it.

They are going to try it again later and we'll see if it repeats itself. In that case, we can suggest cleaning out the browser cache and possibly updating/replacing their Flash player installation.

Have a great week -


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