Quizmaker 09, Likert Scales, Question Grouping and Grades

Hey Folks,

My project manager needs me to create a Likert Scale or something similar that can be graded based on the groups of questions. Basically it is going to be a rudimentary tool used for pre-screening clients in a therapy office. This will be a tool used in the client's home and they will bring in the feedback the program gives them.

The groups of questions all pertain to different disorders such as Depression, ADHD, ODD, OCD, etc. There are 16 types of disorders that this will test for.

My manager wants me to insert groups of questions and have them scored individually and given feedback based on the scores. Is this something that Quizmaker 09 can do? If not, is this something that Quizmaker 13 can do?

I'm hitting a wall with this because I know you can't exactly grade survey questions but any suggestions or hints on how I can accomplish this would be appreciated. I was thinking that perhaps doing this as multiple choice questions and just assign different point values to each answer without having a "wrong" answer and have the pass/fail be give feedback not about passing or failing but about the disorder it is testing for. I'd rather not have to create 16 different quizzes for this but I don't know if you can grade question groups independent of each other.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Zachary and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I'm not sure if someone in the community has had some experience with this and would be able to offer up a solution for you.

Perhaps the Screenr available in this thread could help. Not sure if your multiple choice option and various point value results will assist in what you are trying to accomplish. We cannot grade question groups individually in one quiz.