Quizmaker 09 v. 13


I am trying to show my firm the recent improvements in Articulate Studio by using Quizmaker 2013 as my example. Our firm uses 2009, but I was able to download a free trial of 2013 and easily made a quiz with zero experience. Unfortunately, I cannot show fellow team members what I was able to do because they are using 2009 and we are spread across the globe. Is there a way for 2009 to play a 2013 quiz or perhaps an emulator online that we could access and thus upgrade?



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Lisa Edmondson

On a similar note... I have a dumb question. Will downloading the trial of v'13 overwrite any part on my installed version '09? Asking b/c when I was downloading the trial v'13, I noticed a pop-up question that said downloading this trial version would overwrite any older versions. I assumed it was referring to older versions of the trial, but just need to confirm. Since v'13 is not reciprocol with v'09... I cannot afford any overwriting until I've been able to check out the trial v'13 first.