Quizmaker 13 doesn't open in al versions of Windows

Apr 28, 2014

We are a non-profit professional association in FL.  We purchased Quizmaker 13 to create a test preparation tool for prospective insurance agents.  They are required to purchase a study manual and take a state exam in order to obtain their license, and so we wanted to create a program that allows then to practice taking tests prior to taking the state exam.  Previously we used Test Pro Developer, but that program is no longer supported and the newer online versions were too expensive for us.

We hired a local software tech to build a program for us that could be burned on to a disc.  We provided a base of approx. 500 questions, sorted according to the chapters in the student's study manual, and he used that to create the program.  He created an autorun file that is supposed to open the program when the student inserts the disc.

The problem is that the program doesn't always automatically open.  Sometimes it does, but other times it opens a dialog box the forces the student to choose the way to open the file.  We are trying to figure out how to make it automatic so the student doesn't make any choices.  Oftentimes they aren't computer savvy and we're concerned they'll get lost.  We certainly don't want them trying to figure out where the .exe file is and how to open it.

Can anyone guide us to a solution to either create a disc that always opens the .exe file, or a way to run this program off our website?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Paul and welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, there's no way to ensure that every machine will launch any program from a disc the same way. Operating systems are different and typically no two PC users have their machines set up the same way. It could be security settings, it could simply be a setting related to the auto-launch of a disc, it could be their Flash version.. the list goes on.

The best you can do in this case, is to make sure that their system meets the minimum viewing requirements. Provide instructions, either in an email or even on the disc if you can do this with a label, or consider another method for distributing your course. 

Even if you upload your course and have all of your learners view the course through an LMS or web server, systems will still vary and again, it's impossible to ensure everyone has the exact same experience. 

I'm sure others will have some additional feedback, but I wanted to provide mine - just in case it helps :)

Best of luck!

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