Quizmaker '13 - Error when using Freeform pick many with subsequent attempts

I am finding that when the incorrect Answer has been submitted, that any future attempt is also marked as incorrect, even if selections are unselected.

I have seen many people have this issue on various threads with various products (Most which have a trigger option work-around) but none for Quizmaker '13

This is the last Quizmaker 13 post I found:


Thanks in advance

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Christie Pollick

Hi, David -- So sorry to hear of your troubles! Would it be possible for your to share your file so that we are able to take a closer look and do some testing? And also, may I ask if you could share the type of environment in which you are doing your testing? If you are testing in an LMS, please also verify if you are having the same experience in the SCORM Cloud, as well. 

David Thornton

Hi Christie

Thank you for coming back to me on this, please find files attached

As stated - this seems to be a common problem that when first attempt at a
question is incorrect then each subsequeent attempt if correct or wrong is
marked as incorrect.

Anything else you need please do not hesitate to come back to me.

I look forward to your replty

Kind regards


Christie Pollick

Hi, David -- Many thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, as it appears that you have replied via email, any source files (ie. your .quiz file) or attachments you intended to share have not come through to your post to be accessible. 

Options to share include: uploading it here so others in the community can chime in to assist. All you'd need to do is click on the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and browse from there. 

Or you may also send your file for private offline review by using this form. The choice is yours! :)