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Rachel Frost

I do not like the scroll bar option for my Quizmaker responses that are too large.  Instead, I tried to duplicate the 'answer box' image and then I insert it as a picture, SEND TO BACK, then resize as needed (my answer text and the box itself) and move the CONTINUE button to the correct location. I find it fast to do and I like the look better.  I'll attach my image file for you.  By the way, it is for the default course colors...

Scott VanDeKeere

Yasmin, I just got '13 recently and noticed this as well when in some of my updated older courses the text had shrunk to an unreadable size..  You've probably already figured this out since your post is over a year old, but if you go to the View tab and select Feedback Master, you can resize the feedback box, move the button and set your text properties.