Quizmaker '13 - Overriding # of slides viewed tracking option

Hi all,

Thanks to this recent post, I discovered that when you publish a Quizmaker 13 quiz to Presenter 13 where your tracking option is Number of Slides Viewed, the Quizmaker quiz's mastery score overrides Presenter's tracking option.


Here is the scenario:  My LMS Reporting option is Passed/Incomplete and my module is being tracked by the number of slides viewed.

If you look at the imsmanifest xml file, you will notice the mastery score has been added.


(Taken from a SCORM 1.2 package created in Presenter 13)

In Presenter 09, this line of code only appears when the option Tracked by Quiz Results is chosen.

Is this issue a bug?  It appears to be a bug because the problem is not occurring in Presenter and Quizmaker 09.

The same problem occurs in Articulate Storyline.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Future and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

The thread that you referred to here was for a particular LMS issue. 

Have you tested your content in SCORM Cloud to see what the result is?

If this is something that we need to take a look at, we would need to see your course, so if you could package your course and submit it to us that would be great.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi! Did you test your content in SCORM Cloud as shared above? I looked at this content and was not able to replicate what you are describing. I passed your quiz, but did not view all of the slides, and received an incomplete as expected. If I understand the issue here, then it appears that you will need to look to your LMS.

Kelly Barrett

We've recently been having the same issues where I work.  Courses that have Slide Tracking selected, are being overwritten by any quizzes that have passing percentages set up. We are using Articulate 13 Update 5 1412.920.

I know this is an old thread, however, at our government agency, we're usually a few versions behind the latest that's available.

Has this been fixed in newer updates of Articulate 13?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kelly,

I can certainly understand that - and it doesn't appear that we were able to replicate it with the file shared earlier while testing at SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for LMS testing. If it's specific to your LMS or we're not able to see the file and how certain elements are set up, it's hard for us to replicate the behavior or determine next steps to help you troubleshoot it. You'd also want to look at updating to the latest release of Studio '13 Update 8. You can see the full list of fixes here.

Also, the original author mentioned using the passed/incomplete setting and also seeing a score - that's based on the completion and success being passed as mentioned here. You could choose to just send the completion by changing to Completed/Incomplete and Completed/Failed as they'll only report completion status. Additionally you could look enabling LMS debug mode as described here to see the information we're reporting to your LMS based on the publish settings chosen and then you could use that information to see what the LMS is capturing and reporting back to you.