Quizmaker 13 - Pressing Enter on Feedback Closes Entire Course?

Nov 06, 2015

Hello. I have several Quizmaker 13 slides peppered throughout a PowerPoint/Presenter 13 course. When previewing on SCORM Cloud, all works fine unless the learner chooses to press the Enter button instead of clicking "Continue" on the Feedback. If they press the Enter button on their keyboard, the entire course closes out. Is this typical behavior? Is there a way to change this? Screenshot is attached. Thank you.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Shannon -- Since we encountered an issue with the ticket earlier, I just wanted to give you a head's up that I replied to your case via email. (And unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce the issue you encountered where the module closes out entirely when you use the Enter/Return key to advance rather than use the mouse to click "Continue" on the feedback.) Please check out the SCORM Cloud link I provided and reply via email to let me know what more you can. :)

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