Quizmaker 13 review quiz issue

Hi all,

In QM09, we created a quiz where the user would be asked the questions, and given a blank slide as feedback. No results slides were needed as we were not interested in tracking results. Should the user wish to go back to the quiz later on to have another go, a click of the 'Back' button on the next slide, or correct navigation, would take them to the start of the quiz. Everything worked perfectly!

We've now converted the course including this quiz into Studio 13. On trying to re-access the quiz in the method used above, we are confronted with the final feedback slide instead of a fresh attempt at the quiz.

So, how to fix? We don't require the user to get every question right , so we cannot set the number of attempts to unlimited. Are we looking at an issue with a S09 head, and not realising that S13 will handle this in a different way or not allow us to do it at all?

Ideally, we don't want to have to put results slides in these quizzes, but if that's the only way we have to fix the issue, that's what we'll have to do.

Many thanks in advance for your input.


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