Quizmaker '13 versus Storyline Quiz

Our group is at a crossroads.  I'm a QM '09 fan and others are moving toward Storyline, including using it for exams.  I am trying to determine if Studio '13 is the way to go (upgrade) or if I should just use Storyline for everything, including exams.  We use our exams as freestanding objects in our LMS.  Are there any reals pros or cons for either choice?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jerry!

I think this comes down to needs of the individual. Here is a quick chart-comparison of a few features. I also really like this blog post by Mike in relation to the same type of question. This thread also has some links to good conversation.

Maybe some community members will be able to chime in here for you, but I just thought I could share some information/reference with you in the meantime.