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Jane Schleisman

Phil Mayor said:

This feature was removed, the main reason being that changes in browsers meant this was not reliable anymore.

We used that feature to communicate with our LMS. Do you have any suggestions on what 13 offers in place of the email results?

And...do you know when or if a reference book on 13 is on the works...something akin to what Patti Shank had for 09?


Jane Schleisman

Leslie McKerchie said:

Hi Jane! I'm not sure why you would be e-mailing results to your LMS as the quiz data would be sent to your LMS by Quizmaker if published according to these directions.

We have a proprietary system that functions as an LMS (in addition to many others). When we publish, we publish to the Web.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jane! Thanks for the update. Hopefully some community members will be able to assist you with their solutions as our recommendation is to utilize Articulate Online or an LMS. There is a thread here with some links to get you started perhaps (it is older, so as we're discussing here, the e-mail option is no longer available).

Jane Schleisman

We are trying to figure out a new solution to track results now that the email results option is forever gone.

My question:

In 2013 Quizmaker Edit Properties, I see that I can drive what happens when the user clicks "Finish" on the results screen. In both cases, we are driving the user to the Next Slide.

I just want to verify that this is independent of what I select on the "Edit the Result Slide" option. Here, we are using the Go to URL option. The URL option is a site established by the caretakers of our proprietary pseudo LMS.

I hope I am not as clear as mud with that question.