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Jocelyn Comtois

Hi Leslie,

yes when I add a Quizmaker quiz into presenter.

I don't seem to be able to add a "Next/Previous" button to the quiz, I only get "Submit".

In Studio 2009, we had the submit button and the left and right arrows under the quiz, 

we could move forward or backward to go out of the quiz if we wanted.

But in 2013, the controls to enable "Next/Previous" buttons are locked to "Auto" in Slide Properties when a quizmaker quiz

is selected.

I can't find how to enable the "Next/Previous" buttons on a quizmaker quiz.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jocelyn! I apologize for not fully understanding the issue. If your user is taking a graded quiz, then an answer is expected for each question when submitting one at a time. If you need the Prev and Next buttons in your quiz, you can change the player properties to Submit all at Once so that the end user can navigate around the questions as shown below. Is this what you are looking to do?

David Pilon

Jocelyn Comtois said:


is there any way to add the "Next/Previous" buttons on a quiz in Studio 2013?

It's not letting me change the "Controls" In "Slide Properties", they are locked to "Auto".

That feature used to be by default in Studio 09. We use that feature to jump over a quiz when the quiz is not mandatory.


Hello Leslie,

What Jocelyn is trying to say, and I have the same problem as-well, is that it seems that in Articulate Studio 2009, a user could skip an already answered question. 

For example, in Articulate Studio 2009, I made a module where I had quiz questions and at the final slide of the module, I had the final quiz (where it is REQUIRED to answer) and if the person failed that required quiz, he would be redirected (using branching) to the first slide of the module. The user could then skip (using the "Next" arrow button) through all the quizzes that he already answered and to go directly to the final quiz. And he could redo the final quiz. Logically, that final quiz was resetted so he could redo it.

But it seems that I can`t do the exact same thing with Articulate Studio 2013.