Quizmaker 2013 Publish Error

I've been trying to publish quizzes to LMS in Quizmaker and I keep getting an error. I have it all setup, I click the Publish icon on the ribbon, then I select all the things in the LMS menu, and click Publish to make it happen (as I usually do). Immediately upon clicking Publish, a window pops up asking me to send an error report and no publish happens. I've attached the image that occurs.

Do you know why that might be? I've submitted an error report once already.


Melissa Mitchell

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Melissa!

This is not a common error. Do you get this when trying to publish any file, or just this one?

If it's just this file, you may want to to consider starting a new file and you can import your questions.

If it's your program in general, I would recommend updating to the latest update, which will also repair your software.

Please be sure that you are working locally on your hard drive and not a network drive as well.

Melissa Mitchell

It happens now when I try to publish any quiz. I installed the update about two weeks ago, which then caused my Microsoft Office 2013 programs to error out. My Outlook wouldn't even open. So I uninstalled Articulate and reinstalled the pre-update version. Everything then worked fine for about a week, and this new quizmaker error started. This may be an issue for my work's IT Helpdesk to assist with, but I wanted to check here first to see if you guys heard much about this.

Melissa Mitchell

Okay, another question for you

Our LMS functions so that once you are seeing the Results screen of the test, you click the Finish button and wait for a message to appear letting you know that you can now close the window. That's the point at which you know the LMS has calculated and logged your results.

Do you know why, for instance, I can take the test and click the Finish button, get the "You may close this window" message and have it log in the system just fine, whereas another user taking the test gets as far as Results, but nothing happens when they click the Finish button?