Quizmaker 360 question group results

Hi there,

Am tasked with an 80 question quiz split across 16 question group categories. I am wondering if there is any way in Quizmaker 360 that I can show each group result as well as the overall score. Would there be a variable with the result available for each group I am creating? 

Results slide would look a bit like so:

Group 1 - 5 points

Group 2 - 3 points

Group 3 - 4 points



Overall: 78 points

Thanks in advance,


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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Vlad!  That's quite a task.

While you won't be able to use variables that way in Quizmaker 360, it sounds like the perfect use case for Storyline.  

Storyline allows you to include a result slide for each question group, and you can combine those into a final results slide which can report to your LMS if you need final score tracking.

Since you have Articulate 360, you have access to both tools!  Let me know if that is a helpful suggestion.