Quizmaker 360 Result Slide Editing

Hi there, 

I am new to using this tool within Articulate 360. I was wondering is there any way to edit the results slide where it shows the first name of the person who completed it and the time and date it was completed. I know this could show on the LMS but right now we are having issues with it.

Could there be a way to make a question, freeform perhaps, where the user has to put their first name and date, and we can pull the information from the answer to the results page?

Ex: Congratulations, you passed {FirstName}!

              Completed: {Date and Time}


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Brian!

Great question! I'm happy to show you how this can be displayed; however, you will want to find a way for this information to be sent to you. For example, having a learner screenshot the slide if you aren't using a Learning Management System.

To display the date and time on the slide, we'll use Javascript. I've created a sample Storyline 360 course where you'll find the date and time are displayed on the Results Slide.

I've attached the file to this reply. You can watch a quick tutorial on how I created this course here. Please let me know if you have any questions!