Quizmaker - allowing user to submit while all questions are not complete

Can someone please help?  I have two Quizmaker files and both are functioning differently.  I want the user to be able to Submit all at once, however I do not want them to be able to submit if an answer was skipped.  I have uploaded both  files and the "GOOD" file will not let the user do the final submit to get there score because an answer was skipped, and the other "BAD" file allows the user to submit without answering any questions and get a score of 0%.. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Bobbi!

Thanks for sharing those files. We're seeing an issue in Quizmaker where the option to "Allow user to finish without answering all questions" isn't working correctly.

I can see you haven't enabled that setting in both quizzes, but both quizzes allow the learner to submit without answering all questions. In my testing, I scored 0% on both quizzes. 

I don't have a workaround to share at this time, but I promise to keep you posted on our progress with this bug. Thanks for letting us know it's affecting your projects!